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Gold Hair Games. Would you like to be prettier about your hair? Do you want to learn how to prepare different
hairstyles? Do you want to know how to use a pair of scissors, brush, hair irons, or hair dyes of different colors?
Or do you want to play funny games with hair dressers? Choose a game in the side menu or from the pictures.


Audrey"s Glamorous Real hair game


Candy Bubble

My Everyday fashion


Hair Stylish

Hair Stylish

Ariel Hair Salon


Ariel is going to the hairdresser today. She doesn't visit the szalon very oftent.

Mermaid hairstyles

Mermaid hairstyles

Mermaids also want pretty haircuts, despite the fact they are under the water.

DIY Rapunzel hairstyles


Let's take a look behind the scenes and discover how these trendy hairstyles are created in the salon.

Princess Anna hair fashion

Princess Anna

Princess Anna loves going to the hairdresser, even if a complete updo takes ages

Barbie hairstyle design


Find the professional hair care products and salon supplies in the bottom row, no workday starts without them!

Inspired hairstyles


Use your mouse during each part of the hair wasing process: move it around during lathering and rinsing your hair.

Makeover and hair cut party

Makeover party

Rinse the girl's hair, and massage the sampoo into the scalp. You can navigate in the game using your mouse.

Braided hairdo


Braided curly hairstyles are very popular these days. Although they are not that easy to create, it is worth the effort.

Frozen Elsa hair fashion


New day, new hairstyle, let's try something completely new - it should of course look nice.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair


Fun haircutting game for girls, make simple and complex flowers.

New haircut trend 2014

New haircut

We have chosen quite a special place for the haircut. Always those boring beauty salons. Come on, lets cut hair in the city park.

Summer hair trend 2014


Shampoo, conditioner and hair mask - feel free to use them while washing your hair, but always pay attention to carefully washing them out when you do.

Anna frozen - funny hair game

Anna frozen

That's a very shaggy hair. Do you think someone might like that? Surely not, right?

Perfect hairstyle design

Perfect hairstyle

This year we are going to the Bahamas on vacation. I know it is not the most important thing but what hair-style should I have?

Cute punk

Cute punk

Cutting the hair of a kindergarten kid is, well, no easy task. You'll need lots of plush animals, bears, rabbits, puppies for them to stay calm for this short time.

Bratz Hair cutting game 2014


Some like Barbie dolls and some Bratz dolls, it's a matter of taste. Right now, you can create a completely unique style for a Bratz doll.

Little Fairy

Little Fairy

This cute little fairy baby needs a new hair for her birthday. You will do it, right? We trust you're very skilled!

Dora online hairdo game


It's true Dora is all about exploring, but she is still just a nice little girl. So she likes to primp and she loves new hairstyles.

Banana and hair

banana and hair

Um, so I should soak my hair with banana? Is this some new joke? Oh, no, let's try out the new healing hair mask with banana, it's very interesting.

New school fashion

school fashion

I don't now which hair can I wear in school. Could you help me? I have no idea.

Cute Mermaid hairstyle

Cute Mermaid

Ariel princess would like to change a bit in her hair. Could you help her to choose a new one?

Free hair spa

Free hair spa

Let's start the day with a refreshing hair wahing. Your hair will be silky all day!

Hairstyling for girls


Hair care with fruits full with vitamins. Your hair will definitely beautiful!

New fashion - colored hair

 colored hair

A few years ago conquest a new fashion, the colored hair. It's beautiful or funny, depends on who wears it.

Gloria hair


Amazing hair maker game! Do you want to try it?

Braided Hair Salon


Pink Home

Pink Home

Jessie van Gogh Couture


Princess Salon

Princess Salon

You just have to comb the hair, and in the next step the facial masks are coming.

Princess Aurora


Princess Aurora has got a big and thick hair that it's not easy to comb it.

Aurora Real Haircuts


Make a pretty haircut for Aurora.

Hair fashion, new trends

new trend

Use the mouse to navigate in the game. Pay attention to the row on the right hand side, that shows the time limit for each work phase

Romantic wedding hairstyles -

wedding hairstyles

It's not easy to create Rapunzel's wedding hairstyle, but you can do it!

Braided hair tutorial


I thought I would surprise my boyfriend with a special braided hairdo for Valentine's Day.

Crazy hairstyles for girls


Online fashion trend


Online fashion game: try on the most stylish clothes!

Professional hair dressing

Professional hair

Select one from the 12 hairstyles and you can start the game! You can fint almost any hairstyle here - long, short, braided etc.

Pixie hollow online game


Give it all you can, we've got everything just like at a real hairdressers.

Playful cats - Tom and Angela

Playful cats

We know you have created a lot of hairstyles and you have the profession at your finger's end. But have you ever created a hairstyle for playful kittens?

Best hair trend


Comb, hairdryer, curling iron and a lot of hair dye, lets create and original hairstyle.

Rapunzel cool hairstyle fashion


In the old times very long hair wasn't easy to dry in the cold, dry winter, but with the turbo hair driers today they can be dry in 10 minutes.

Hair and makeup for girls

for girls

This young, blond lady would like to fascinate his boyfriend with her new hairdo. They both like braided hair.

Hair service

Hair service

Your hair salon openes early as you have a lot of customers, all waiting for you, both boys and girls.

Splendiferous Ariel


The wonderful new fashion world of Ariel. Enter and admire the latest fashion of the underwater beauty.

Hairstyling wonders 2


Free online haircutting game for older girls. Read everything thoroughly in the game , have fun!

Rihanna realistic haircut


Make some kind of normal hair of that haystack that's Rihanna's hair - the concert starts in half an hour and she can't stand in front of the audience like this.

Barbie Christmas haircuts

Barbie Christmas

If you want to look good on the Christmas family photos, you'll need a great new hairstyle. Barbie is also trying out something new, a brand new holiday hairdo.

Hair dresser 3 part

Hair dresser 3

This exlusive hair salon is in an amazing place. Have a seat, and your hair is just preparing.

Virtual haidressing salon

Your haidressing salon

Hair dressing, dyeing, washing ... The guest are coming for these services to your virtual salon. Come on and serve them!

Rihanna hairdresser - free game for kids


For a singer appearance is very important. She have to always be pretty, mainly at a concert.

Online hairstyle game for girls

Hairstyle for girls

From a long hair we can make a lots of hair type. You can braid, climb it and wear in a lots of way.

New Diva

New Diva

Select one hair style. At the right in the small image, you can see what to do.

Makeover and hairdo


You can make gorgeous hair, not only in the hairdressing salon, but also at home!

Barbie Fashion Hair Saloon

Hair Saloon

Emojis Party

Emijis Party

Futuristic Outfit

Futuristic Outfit

Hair Care

Hair Care

The princess has woken up with really messy hair. Where is the comb?

Little Mermaid haircutting game

Little Mermaid

Did you know that the mermaids are go to hairdresser as well as us?

Cinderella's hair cutting game


This is where Cinderella's new updo is created, she is already in the salon chair, let's start with the haircut.

Snow White realistic hair

Snow White r

Snow White has grown into a beautiful young girl, dark black hair really suits her

Rapunzel realistic makeover

realistic makeover

Rapunzel doesn't only care about her hair, she also has amazing makeup skills.

Newest hairdresser game


The newest hairdresser game has excellent graphics: let's turn the shower on, and let the hair washing begin!

Beauty and hairdresser salon in Paris


We can get a glimpse behind the scenes of a beauty salon in Paris. Are you curious how the real experts do it?

New christmas hairstyles


Although you have a lot of things to do before Christmas, you can't forget about yourself either, if you don't want to look like a scarecrow.

Little Emma - hair dresser

Little Emma

In order for the children to stay still in the hairdresser's chair often you will have to bring their favorite toys too.

Braided hair tutorial Zoe


Use the mouse during the game, grab the shower and the hair washing can begin, thoroughly lather the shampoo when you're ready.

Hair wash and cutting


Extra hair salon, just choose one from the options and we guarantee to create your new hairstyle.

Frozen Elsa - hair care game

Frozen Elsa

Make a cool haircut for Elza. Put the shampoo on her hair on the circled spots and then lather it up.

Sofia online hair salon

Sofia salon

Sofie is the small girl at the hairdressers. Because a real princess, however small she is, can't have ordinary hair.

Favorite hairstyle


Hairdressers often need to be very creative as their clients do not always exactly know what they would like. They sometimes simply say: I want something new.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

I am preparing for the Valentine's Day in February with special care, because - but this is a secret, so don't say a word - I think he will ask me to marry him.

Genuine beauty


Believe it, classic hair braiding never grows old. You may only use it on special occasions like weddings, but it is an eternal classic.

Flora spa

Flora spa

I like this rural guest house very much. I feel refreshed during this time of spring when the fields go green again and the winter is over.

Retro hair design

retro design

Not everyone is fond of new things, if someone has a good old hairstyle they sometimes they stick with it. And who knows, maybe they're right, as the latest trends are sometimes rather weird.

New Barber salon

Barber salon

Well, this is not a hairdresser but a barber shop. This is where the hair and shaggy beard of grim men is cut.

Dora real hair cutting


Hi there! Sure you knows me, I am Dora. Can you recognize me? Up to now my hair was the same in every cartoon. It's time to change!

Baby beauty salon


This baby is new in the hair salon. She wants everything in her hand. To the next step click on the red arrow!

Play - Online hair salon

Online hair salon

Help me, my hair point to the sky! :) Please make for me a beautiful hair!

Dora back to school


New year, new hair. Dora is preparing to the first school day with a new hair!

Hairstyle maker for kids

Hairstyle maker

To be a hairdress is very easy. Or not? You can make an amazing hair in a few minits. In online.

Play hair dresser game

Play hair dresser

Choose between Free or Challange version. The modernest beauty studio furnished to you, you have only play!


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